Joshua Mitchell
I want to make a painting that reads as a painting.
But also maybe not.

I want to make a painting that walks a line between painting and drawing.
That walks a line between the colors, between an object and an image, and treats both as possibility.

A painting that suggests a place between the pulling of ambivalent extremes.
A middle ground.

A milder zone of being.

I want to embrace this “kind of just enough” place.
Embrace incremental steps and small tight forms of knowledge.

Especially now.

I can’t bear the bombast.
Absurd self-aggrandizing politics, and social media habits.

It’s turning me off.

And turning me on to doing something modest.
Something that pokes at paintings limitations, and evocative powers within the context of life’s uncertainty, brevity, and seductive mystery.

I’ll be gone soon.
My paintings and trailings will be too.

This awareness has to be built into the work that I want to make.